2020-21 VPR Fellows

The VPR Graduate Fellows Program at Colorado State University was created by the Vice President for Research to support excellence in graduate research and to promote interdisciplinary work at the university by engaging the best and brightest students from graduate programs across the institution.

Fellows are eligible to receive up to $4000 in scholarship and travel support as well as opportunities to engage in monthly professional development. Our mission is provide students with the resources they need to succeed in Graduate School such as travel support, workshops, networking opportunities with thought leaders in their industries and personal resume reviews.

Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry, Atmospheric Science
Presentation: “Can Wildfires Influence Ice in Clouds?”

Danielle Bartholet

Danielle Bartholet, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Presentation: “Designer Fuels”

Aeriel Belk
Kaylee Clark

Kaylee Clark, Chemistry Presentation: “Mixing it up: Biosensors from Inexpensive Materials”

Daniel Corbin

Daniel Corbin, Chemistry Presentation: “How We Make Plastic, and How We Can Do Better”

Colby Evans

Colby Evans, Chemistry Presentation: “A Window into a More Energy Efficient Future”

Shaista Karim

Shaista Karim, Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management Presentation: “Lessons from the Wild”

Paige Ostwald

Paige Ostwald, Cellular/Molecular Biology Presentation: “Heart Development: The Peanut Butter to our Cardiac Jelly”

Alison Post

Alison Post, Ecology Presentation: “When It Rains It Pours”

Tawni Riepe

Tawni Riepe, Fish/Wildlife/Conservation Biology Presentation: “A So-FISH-ticated Disease”

Fionna Samuels
Raj Trikha

Raj Trikha, Food Science & Human Nutrition Presentation: “Eating for Two – Your Microbes and You”

Lindsay Winkenbach

Lindsay Winkenbach, Biochemistry & Molecular Biololgy Presentation: “It’s All in the Message: What Worms are Teaching Us about Human Development”