2019 – 2020 OVPR Fellows

The VPR Graduate Fellows Program at Colorado State University was created by the Vice President for Research to support excellence in graduate research and to promote interdisciplinary work at the university by engaging the best and brightest students from graduate programs across the institution.

 Fellows are eligible to receive up to $4000 in scholarship and travel support as well as opportunities to engage in monthly professional development. Our mission is provide students with the resources they need to succeed in Graduate School such as travel support, workshops, networking opportunities with thought leaders in their industries and personal resume reviews.

Katharine Ankrom

Kaytee Ankrom, Biology

3 Minute Presentation:
Global Worming

Heather Deel

Heather Deel, Cell and Molecular Biology

3 Minute Presentation:
Solving Crimes with Microbes

Kimberly Dolphin

Kimberly Dolphin, Biology

3 Minute Presentation:
“Why Can’t He Take A Hint! The Evolution and Mechanisms of Male Guppy Mating Strategies”

Magda Garbowski

Magda Garbowski, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology

3 Minute Presentation:
“Do Differences Make All the Difference? Targeting Functional Trait and Genetic Variability for Ecological Restoration”

Gretchen Kroh, Biology

Gretchen Kroh, Biology

3 Minute Presentation:
“Building Better Crops: Tackling Iron Deficiency in Plants”

Blaine McCarthy

Blaine McCarthy, Chemistry

3 Minute Presentation:
“Growing Green Plastics Using the Sun”

Afnan Shazwan Nasaruddin

Afnan Shazwan Nasaruddin, Bioagricultural Science and Pest Management

3 Minute Presentation:
“The Chemical Radar: Bacterial Chemotaxis”

Michael Nguyen-Truong

Michael Nguyen-Truong, Biomedical Engineering

3 Minute Presentation:
“Preparing Stem-Cells in their Fight Against Heart Failure: What is their Ideal Niche?”

Peter Olayemi

Peter Olayemi, Soil and Crop Sciences

3 Minute Presentation:
“Lactobionate: A Soil Health Genie?”

MJ Riches

MJ Riches, Chemistry

3 Minute Presentation:
“A Plant’s Role at the Crossroads of Climate Change”  

Evan Sproul

Evan Sproul, Mechanical Engineering

3 Minute Presentation:
“Engineering a Solution to the Greenhouse Gas Problem”

Ray Sumner

Ray Sumner, Anthropology

3 Minute Presentation:
“The Days After Colorado’s Darkest Day”

Clayton Swanson

Clayton Swanson, Health and Exercise Sciences

3 Minute Presentation:
“Turning on Your Brain: Age Matters”  

Robert Wimbish

Robert Wimbish, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

3 Minute Presentation:
“Attachment Issues: Uncovering the Molecular Basis for Chromosome Movement in Cells”

Scott Wrigley

Scott Wrigley, Food Science and Human Nutrition

3 Minute Presentation:
“The Gut Microbiome: The Missing Link”