Research and Scholarship Success

CSU is a research powerhouse, consistently counted among the top performing research universities in the nation – each year for the past decade posting more than $407 million in expenditures.

Our researchers are leaders in atmospheric scienceenergywaterveterinary and translational medicinenatural resourceschemistryoccupational therapy, and anthropology, and with ongoing and traditional strength in areas such as engineering and food production.

Since spring of 2016, CSU secured investments funds to increase our reputation as a premier research university and implemented the Research and Scholarship Success Initiative.


Restoring the Foundation Focus for Today

  • Accelerate critical facilities renovations
  • Upgrade research administration services (IT, processes, staffing, specialized training)
  • Increase investments in existing core facilities and strategic programmatics
  • Invest in early career investigator initiatives and planned start up needs
  • Invest in Student initiatives for undergraduate and graduate research
  • Implement safety initiative


Building a Framework for Success

  • Establish new core facilities aligned with research assets and opportunities
  • Engage in teaming activities that nurture faculty and student growth
  • Increase retention investments to retain best faculty and students
  • Invest in existing faculty success through more aligned seeding programs
  • Increase research development activities in support of new areas of interest and growth
  • Increase number of research faculty and incentivize buy out time for research


Sustainable Growth

  • Complete foothills master planning and begin implementation for research campus
  • Establish CSU an a premier site for immersive education and research experience for students
  • Harden process for creating and sunsetting strategic research investments
  • Continue to nurture targets growth in the graduate school