Take the RAM Safe Pledge

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October 2018 Biosafety Month is well underway but there is still plenty of time to take the (Responsible, Aware, Mindful) RAM Safe Pledge! All individuals working or conducting research in the lab play an essential role in biosafety. Take the RAM Safe Pledge by following these procedures:

  • Each person is responsible for their own personal safety by using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), following specified procedures, and being properly trained.
  • Everybody in the lab needs to be aware of the risks associated with their research(including use of biohazardous materials, agents and procedures).
  • To be good stewards of biosafety, everyone must be mindful of how their actions in the labimpact those around them.
  • By following these guiding principles (Responsible, Aware, Mindful) we can all be safe together. 

A special recognition will be awarded to the department that submits the most pledges. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has taken the lead!

Check out the ABSA or CSU Biosafety Stewardship websites find out more information about October 2018 Biosafety Month. Or to find out ways to get involved contact: RICRO_IBC@mail.colostate.edu.

Happy Biosafety Month from the CSU Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office!

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