Subaward Administration at CSU – Subaward Initiation & Oversight

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Subaward administration is a shared responsibility at CSU. When an award containing a subrecipient is fully executed, the Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for submitting a ‘PI Request to Initiate Subaward’ to the appropriate OSP senior/research administrator (S/RA).

After reviewing the request, the OSP S/RA submits all required subaward documents to the OSP Subaward Team. The Subaward Team drafts the subaward and negotiates it with the subrecipient.

Once fully executed, the Subaward Team notifies the Fiscal Officer* so that a requisition request can be created. The requisition routes to the Subaward Invoicing Administrator and a purchase order is created.

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to monitor subrecipients to ensure the performance objectives outlined in the scope of work are being achieved and that funds are being spent in accordance with the award terms and conditions. 

Any modifications to existing subaward agreements should begin with the OSP S/RA. If funding is added, the OSP Subaward Invoicing Administrator will update the PO once the amendment is fully executed.

Bottom line: All changes to a subaward, including technical and fiscal, should be communicated to the OSP S/RA.

Review the Outgoing Subaward Responsibility Matrix for an overview of roles and responsibilities in subawards from proposal to closeout.

*Please notify OSP if there is a change in Fiscal Officer.

Blog post by Tricia Callahan, Senior Research Education and Information Officer, and Kris Miller, Subaward Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs