Proposal Review & Submission

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The proposal review provided by OSP adds value by ensuring proposal elements, including the budget, meet sponsor requirements. The review not only helps to safeguard that the proposal will be accepted by the sponsor, but it also assists in timely award receipt and negotiation.

In order to provide an equitable and efficient review of proposal elements, OSP has updated the Proposal Submission Guidance and OSP Proposal Review Responsibilities to provide clarity on the review process in terms of timing and OSP responsibilities.

Proposals in Progress

As soon as you know a proposal is in progress, begin a proposal record in KR PD that includes the sponsor deadline. When a deadline is added to the KR PD record, the proposal will show on the OSP tracking report. For step-by-step instructions on creating a proposal record in KR, visit the Kuali Research webpage for training guides and videos.

If you are working in a sponsor portal that requires proposal elements to be reviewed and/or submitted in the portal by an authorized representative of CSU, ensure OSP pre-award has portal/proposal access.

At Least Five (5) Business Days Prior to Submission Deadline

At least 5 business days prior to the submission deadline, create the budget in and add business-related elements to the KR PD record for OSP review. Once the business elements have been added to KR PD, email the appropriate OSP pre-award team to initiate a review. OSP will review the business-related elements to confirm they meet with sponsor and OSP requirements.

The business-related items for initial OSP review include:

  • budget and budget justification (While not required, including a Scope of Work aids in the budget review)
  • cost-share commitments
  • subaward documentation
  • identification of required resources

At Least Three (3) Business Days Prior to Submission Deadline

At least three business days prior to submission deadline, submit the KR PD record with final, reviewed business elements (including a budget marked as ‘Include for Submission’) to routing. KR PD records not submitted to routing within the 3-day window are not assured of on-time approval and will not bump other records that have met the 3-business day deadline.

One Full Business (1) Day Prior to Submission Deadline

At least one full business day prior to the submission deadline, the KR PD record should have gone through the entire approval workflow and the proposal should be ready to submit. If applicable, the proposal should be available for authorized official access within a sponsor portal.

A member of the OSP pre-award staff will conduct a final review for compliance with sponsor and CSU requirements and will include necessary institution-level certifications and will submit or authorize submission of the proposal per sponsor requirements.

For complete Proposal Submission Guidance and list of OSP Proposal Review Responsibilities, visit the OSP Guidance page.

Blog post by Tricia Callahan, Senior Research Education and Information Officer, and Chris Carsten, eRA Systems Officer, Office of Sponsored Programs