Colorado Cannabis & Hemp Research Forum

Purpose and Responsibilities

The overall purpose of the Colorado Cannabis & Hemp Research Society is to provide an environment for professionals across Colorado to meet, share information and resources, further promote and provide guidance of research conducted across the CSU and CU campuses.  These actives and goals include but not limited to:

  • Discuss current cannabis and hemp research on campus and elsewhere
  • Discuss future research and resource needs
  • Identify up-coming meeting, training and resource-sharing opportunities
  • Identify Federal and State purposed Bills and/or Regulations associated with Cannabis and Hemp
  • Advocate for Cannabis and Hemp research, as well as regulatory compliance as appropriate
  • Seek collaboration opportunities with other peers and institutions
  • Host guest speakers, facility tours and other activities and topics of interest throughout the year


Attendees of the society will include all vetted members of research, industrial, and profession programs who are interested in or are conducting research with Cannabis/Hemp.

Society Administrators

Representatives of the Cannabis and Hemp Research Advisory Committee will aid in the facilitation of these meetings for the first three years of the society. Representation at large will be chosen by nomination and election for three year terms in subsequent years.

Meeting schedule

Quarterly meetings will occur and will be conducted face to face and/or with call in capacity via blue jeans (or similar video/teleconferencing).

Participation in the annual Cannabis Research Conference at CSU Pueblo is encouraged. The society will hold a face to face meeting during this conference.

Interested in joining? Submit research information here.