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Did you know that both federal and non-federal sponsors have listservs that can help identify upcoming proposal submission deadlines relevant to your investigators? Many sponsors also have listservs and subscription services for updated program announcements, news, and information such as changes to policies, requirements, and forms.

Signing up for targeted areas of interest can help you stay informed and ahead of the curve for high-volume deadlines. Knowing this information in advance can also help you advise faculty (particularly newer faculty) on opportunities and changes to agency requirements that may be of interest.

Non-federal Sponsors

While many non-federal sponsors have their own listservs and funding search engines (e.g., Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), many rely on Candid’s Philanthropy News Digest which compiles news and funding information from private, corporate, and government funding sources. Visit Candid @ to subscribe to Candid news and press releases, Philanthropy News Digest, RFP Bulletin, and funding watches in arts, education, and health.

Federal Sponsors

Just as Candid complies information on non-federal grant programs, provides one-stop shopping for federal grant programs. To receive a daily listing of all new federal grant opportunities, go to’s subscription site. Here you can subscribe to news and sign up to receive information on new and updated grant opportunities and on opportunities that match saved search criteria. Login and subscribe to all, or a specific set of funding agencies, that are most relevant to investigator interests. also has a search feature where you can search by keyword, opportunity number, CFDA or a number of other categories to find a solicitation that meets investigator funding needs.

Sampling of Federal Agency Listservs/ Subscription Services

Many of the federal awarding agencies also have their own listservs and e-mail lists for news and solicitation information.

Subscribe today to receive regular updates on agency specific announcements._

Blog post by Diana Ehrlich, Contracting Officer, and Tricia Callahan, Senior Research Education and Information Officer, Office of Sponsored Programs