Drone Services & Fees

The CSU Drone Center will rent aircraft to CSU affiliated persons, industry, and community.   Liability insurance is included in the rental for CSU Staff/Students only.  Non-CSU Affiliated will be required to provide proof of liability insurance naming Colorado State University as an insured party.  Liability insurance must be in excess of $1 Million.   All people renting aircraft must have a current Part 107 sUAS certificate or have the aircraft piloted by a person holding a current certificate. Additional comprehensive insurance may be required depending on the aircraft rented.  All renters are responsible for following all laws and regulations of the FAA, local, state, and federal governments regulating sUAS flight. Renters are responsible for any damage incurred to aircraft during their rental period. (If CSU Drone Center Pilots are hired for a job, often the CSU Drone Center Aircraft are included in the piloting fee)

Aircraft/Gimbal Rental:

Equipment Rate Per Day Rate Per Week Rate Per Month
DJI M600 Pro $100 $500 $1000
DJI Mavic Pro $25 $100 $250
DJI Mavic 2 Series $50 $175 $400
DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 $50 $175 $400
DJI Tello $15 $50
DJI Ronin Gimbal $25 $100 $250
Training Fixed wings Apprentice/Timber/Conscendo $25 $175
UAS Albatross System $250 $500 + piloting time
Must be flown by
CSU Drone Center Team

Sensors Rental:

EquipmentRate Per DayRate Per WeekRate Per Month
Rededge M Multispectral Camera$50$250$1000
FLIR Dou Camera$50$100$250
FLIR Dou Pro R Camera 640-512 13 MM$50$250$1000
DJI X3 Daylight Camera$25$75

The CSU Drone Center offer piloting, training, consultation, and aircraft repair/construction/setup to CSU, Industry, and Community. Please see our rates below.

Piloting Time

All pilots hired are subject to a two-hour minimum.   Travel time may be assessed a different rate.  Any job within 10 miles of CSU Drone Center will not be subject to travel time. Some UAS piloting jobs may require 1 or more pilots to complete, depending on complexity.

Student Pilot – $30 per hour

Director/Advanced Pilot – $80 per hour


The CSU Drone Center offers training on a one on one or group trainings for UAS flight, recurrent FAA testing, initial drone set up, and test prep for the part 107.  Cost may be dependent on group size and or complexity but generally follow our hourly rate.  Instructor/s assigned will be based on availability and specialty requested.

Student Instructor – $30 per hour

Advanced Instructor – $80 per hour


The CSU Drone Center offers consultation on UAS programs, UAS systems, best practices, FAA part 107 waiver application assistance, and more.  Our consolation rate is $80 per hour.

sUAS aircraft repair/setup/construction

The CSU Drone Center offers sUAS setup, repair on construction for some platforms.  Our rate is $50 an hour for this service.  Contact us to see if we can assist you.