CSU Drone Center Team

Christopher Robertson

Christopher Robertson, Drone Center Director

Email: Christopher.Robertson@colostate.edu

Christopher Robertson serves as the Director of the CSU Drone Center. He has been employed by Colorado State University for the past 20 years primarily with the Colorado State University Police Department. Christopher left the CSUPD to become the full time Director of the CSU Drone Center in 2020. He is also an alumnus of Colorado State University. Christopher has been involved in UAS operations for the past 5 years and has experience with drones in both the public and private sector. He assisted in founding the Larimer County UAS Team which provides fire, police, and search and rescue drone services for Larimer County. Christopher founded the CSU Drone Flight School and has helped over 150 people obtain their Part 107 FAA UAS certificate. Christopher is a licensed FAA Part 107 UAS Pilot and has experience piloting both multi-rotor and fixed wing UAS.

Travis Michels

Travis Michels, Safety Manager and UAS Pilot

Email: travismi@colostate.edu

Travis Michels is a student at Colorado State University, studying Natural Science. Travis has 6 years of experience with multirotor drones, and 2 years experience flying fixed wing aircraft. Travis initially got involved in aviation in middle school grade when he began volunteering at his local airport. Travis then continued working with and flying manned aircraft until, and obtained his Private Pilot Certificate when he was 17.

Ryan Pyle

Ryan Pyle, Maintenance Officer and UAS Pilot

Email: rdpyle@colostate.edu

Ryan has been flying drones since he was old enough to hold the controller. He is currently a student a CSU studying GIS. Ryan enjoys competitive aerobatic flying with his large Extra 300 aircraft, as well has lots of experience with all drone platforms.

The CSU Drone Center is overseen by a steering committee who advises and sets direction for the Center:

Committee MemberDepartment
Mahmood R Azimi-SadjadiElectrical and Computer Engineering
V. ChandrasekarElectrical and Computer Engineering
Jose ChavezCivil and Environmental Engineering and Extension
Sean FreemanAtmospheric Science
Raj KhoslaSoil and Crop Sciences
Sonia KreidenweisAtmospheric Science and Dean’s Office Walter Scott College of Engineering
Adam SmithColorado State University Police Department