Chrisman Airfield

UAS Test and Flight Facility

Christman Airfield is CSU’s premier UAS testing, flight, training and research site. The airfield is overseen by the CSU Drone Center and CSU Facilities. UAS testing, flight, and research here is open to CSU, other institutions, governmental partners, and industry. The airfield in not open to general recreational sUAS flight.

Christman airfield has a 4,000 foot long runway, designated as a private airport, (CO55) , and is owned and operated but Colorado State University.
The CSU Drone Center has several part 107 waivers for the Christman Field for the purpose of research, training, flight, and UAS development. These waivers are currently BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight), high altitude (up to 699 feet AGL), and flight at night.

The airfield has an automated weather station which reports current conditions every 5 minutes. You can find the current observations here.
All UAS/Aviation operations at the airfield must be approved by CSU Drone Center and CSU Facilities.

Non-CSU/Researcher Institution UAS operators wishing to use the airfield for civil UAS flight may need a CSU Drone Center staff member to supervise the airfield operation. For simple operation this is $30 an hour, for complex operations it $80 and hour. Multiple staff members may be needed depending on the operation.

Training and Testing

You must have read the PDF training and completed the associated test before you submit a reservation request. Please use the same email for both forms.

Christman Airfield Safety Training

Christman Airfield Safety Training Test

Make a Reservation with the CSU Drone Center for Christman Airfield

The CSU Drone Center requires a minimum of 48 hours of notice before any reservations at Christman Airfield.

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