Wide-Field Microscopes

Nikon Diaphot Inverted Epifluorescence Microscope

Two of these microscopes with video cameras for digital imaging are available for routine fluorescence imaging on fixed samples. Filter cubes for all common fluorphores (DAPI, Fluorescein, Rhodamine, Texas Red, Cy 3, Cy5) are available and are interchangeable between microscopes. One microscope has DIC optics, an optional phase oil-immersion condenser, and a stage incubator and filter wheel for live cell studies (ratio imaging included) and one has a color camera for imaging stained sections. A specialized light source for darkfield illumination of slides is available and is especially useful for counting silver grains on emulsion treated samples. All microscopes utilize Metamorph software for image capture and analysis.

Nikon Diaphot Inverted Epifluorescence Microscope

Microscope Information


MRB 224


Use of Nikon Diaphot Microscopes is billed at $3.50 per hour (min use is 1 h).


For access to the diaphot microscopes, please contact the facility supervisor Laurie Minamide, Senior Research Associate, Tel: 1-5531.