Total Internal Reflection Microscope

The Nikon Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Inverted Microscope (Eclipse Ti) has perfect focus control, a four laser line launch (405, 488, 561 and 640 nm) and an Intensilight Hg illumination source. A motorized XY Piezo Z stage and stage-top environmental chamber with temperature, CO2/air, humidity capability, will support culture dishes, multi-well plates or slides. Equipped with 20X, 40X, 60X DIC objectives and a 100X TIRF objective. Microscope has an Andor Clara camera for wide field imaging and an Andor iXon3 EMCCD camera for TIRF imaging. Microscope has built-in N-STORM super-resolution imaging capability and is networked to a RAID array for multiple terabyte storage. Nikon elements software controls all aspects of acquisition and analysis with a deconvolution software package included.

A conventional fluorescence microscopy image
op left: A conventional fluorescence microscopy image of all the teleomeres in a cell. Bottom left: A map of fluorescent probes detected by the STORM microscope, overlaying a single telomere from the conventional image. Right: the same map of probes from an individual telomere, enlarged and in three dimensions. Credit: Chris Nelson/Bailey Lab. (Image reproduced from

Microscope Information


Room 224 MRB


Training: Cost for training is $250, which includes 5 hours of microscope access after training.

Short-term use: $20 per hour flat rate.

Long-term use: New users pay $20 per hour up to a maximum of $400 for the first month, $300 for the second month and $210 per month thereafter. The increased rates for the first two months reflect the additional supervisory time and maintenance/service required for new users. Costs decline as users become proficient in application of the many different items of ancillary equipment and program applications associated with the microscopes.

Trained users pay $20 per hour to a maximum of $210 per month for unlimited access.

Fee-for-service: These projects are negotiated on a project by project basis, but generally cost $60 per hour in addition to the microscope user fees.


To schedule time on the TIRF microscope, please contact the facility supervisor, Keith G. DeLuca, Research Associate, Tel: 1-5149.