Atomic Force Microscopy

  • Bruker BioScope Resolve AFM System. This AFM, designed for integration with inverted light microscopes, is configured to provide the industry standard highest resolution imaging in both air and fluid samples in contact mode, tapping mode, and Bruker’s unique PeakForce Tapping mode. The cantilever deflection is detected with an IR (850 nm) laser to prevent interference with optical imaging modes. Air and fluid cantilever holders are included. Standard magnetic sample clamps for slides, coverslips, petri dishes, and contact and tapping mode tips are also included for calibration and training.
  • Premium accessory package. Bruker’s Premium Accessory Package for the Resolve includes a sample heater accessory for heating the stage to physiological temperature (or higher). Combined with the Petri Dish Perfusion Accessory, this will enable live cell imaging and even long-term maintenance of cell cultures on the microscope stage, with both liquid and gas ports to maintain the culture environment. This package also includes the Nanomechanics package and the Microscope Image Registration & Overlay (MIRO) software package. The Nanomechanics package provides quantitative force volume mapping for high-resolution nanomechanical characterization. The MIRO package automates importing images from the optical microscope in real-time to guide the AFM imaging and force measurements to regions of interest identified in an optical image, for example. When performing AFM imaging, fluorescence
    micrographs can be taken simultaneously after every AFM line scan.
  • NanoMan Software. Provides flexible, accurate control of the of the AFM probe for nanomanipulation and nanolithography applications, using either graphical “point-and-click” and script-driven modes. This also includes the NanoScope Analysis Software for image and data (e.g. force curve) analysis.
  • Acoustic Enclosure and Vibration Isolation. Herzan’s AEK-2011 highly attenuating acoustic enclosure with broad access is perfectly suited for AFM. This enclosure will provide high-performance acoustic isolation. The vibration isolation system TS-300LT provides active isolation in all six degrees of freedom from 0.7 to 1000 Hz, and passive isolation above 1000 Hz.

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Room 362 of the Scott Bioengineering building



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To schedule time on this microscope, please contact the facility supervisor, Ellen Brennan-Pierce, Tel: 1-5046