Olympus SZX16 Stereo Zoom Fluorescence Dissection Microscope

For high magnification with good depth of field and fluorescence capability an Olympus SZX16 stereo microscope is available. This microscope has a two position revolving nosepiece equipped with a 0.8X PlanApo objective with an 8.1 cm working distance. The second objective is a 2X PlanApo objective (2-3 cm working distance) with zoom capabilities to 230x allowing visualization of single fluorescence cells within a tissue slice.  The microscope has a base transillumination system with a rotator holding 4 cartridges for different types of illumination: a low oblique illumination cartridge ideal for many dissection operations, a bright field standard contrast cartridge, a dark field cartridge and a polarization plate cartridge.  Several of these cartridges are tilt-adjustable to obtain optimal performance through a front-mounted knob on the base.  The microscope has a 50/50 split between camera and eyepieces allowing video display/recording of dissection procedures. Fluorescence is from an LED direct coupled system with two filter sets installed, one for GFP (ex at 470/40 and em at 525/50) and one for TRITC (ex at 545/30 and em at 620/60) and an unmounted set for ex at 560/40 and em at 630/75).  Other filter sets (9 available) can be purchased for excitation as low as 380 nm.  The microscope is equipped with an EP50 5 MP color CMOS camera for wireless connections to up to 5 devices within wireless range.

The microscope is currently being installed in a laminar flow hood in room 221A MRB for sterile dissection and cell labeling studies.  Because parts are still being delivered the system is expected to be ready for general use by January 1, 2020. At that time it will be available for booking via the Outlook Calendar system which is used for the Keyence and Spinning Disc Microscopes across the hall in room 224. For use elsewhere, the microscope may be relocated for up to 3 days (or longer if approved by other users or the MIN Director). The business plan for operational costs is not yet finalized and rates will be posted by Jan. 1, 2020.

Microscope Information


221A MRB

Instrument Supervisor

Laurie Minamide (Bamburg Lab)
(970) 491-5531