HyperCyt Rapid Sampler for High Throughput Flow Cytometry


For use in conjunction with CyAn1 or CyAn2

The HyperCyt® System rapidly acquires samples from a multi-well microplate to perform high-throughput flow cytometry. The HyperCyt System is designed to acquire samples in a variety of 96- and 384-well microplates. High-throughput sample acquisition is achieved by the HyperCyt Autosampler software module, which utilizes an innovative, patented sampling method. As the sampling probe of the autosampler moves from well to well in a multi-well microplate, a peristaltic pump aspirates sample particle suspensions from each well. Between each well the continuously running pump draws a gap of air into the sample line, resulting in the generation of a series of air-gap-separated samples for delivery to the flow cytometer.  The time-resolved data, with periodic gaps corresponding to the passage of the sample-separating air gaps, are analyzed by the HyperView® Analysis software.

Located in Molecular and Radiological Biosciences, (MRB) Room 479D, CSU-FCF Minicore