The BD FACSAria III delivers proven multicolor performance. Its fluidics and optical systems include unique design innovations precisely integrated to maximize signal detection. These innovations include the laser excitation optics, the patented flow cell with gel-coupled cuvette, and the highly efficient, patented octagon and trigon modules. Together, these systems allow the FACSAria III to achieve unrivaled sensitivity and resolution. This instrument is fairly new (purchased in 2011), is well maintained (under service contract), can sort at speeds up to 25,000 cells/sec and is a highly reliable cell sorting instrument.

7 color-based cell sorting from two lasers (488 and 633nm), 5 + 2 optical deck configuration

  • 488-nm (blue) laser excitation detection parameters
    • 530/30-nm FITC
    • 585/42-nm PE
    • 616/23-nm PE-Texas Red®
    • 695/40-nm PerCP-Cy™5.5 or PI or 675/20-nm PerCP-Cy7
    • 760/60-nm PE-Cy™7
  • 633-nm (red) laser excitation detection parameters
    • 660/20-nm APC
    • 780/60-nm APC-Cy7 or APC-H7
  • Sample temperature control through an internal and external cooling system.
  • Located inside the Molecular and Radiological Biosciences Building (MRB) Room 479D.
  • Please contact the Flow Core to schedule assisted use sorting time on the FACSAria III.
  • Due to the complex nature of cell sorting, there is no unassisted use rate for this instrument.