CyAn ADP analyzers

CyAn1 – ADP 7 Color

The CyAn1 – ADP 7 Color has 9 parameters (FSC, SCC, FL1-FL7) and is equipped with 488 nm factory laser and a 640 nm, 90 mw ruby laser (adding 65 mw power over the factory supplied red laser). Assays using the red laser are the most robust of any CyAn in America.

CyAn2 – ADP 9 Color

The CyAn2 – ADP 9 Color equipped with 405nm, 488 nm and 640 nm solid-state lasers and adds two fluorescent channels.

Either CyAn can be connected to a The HyperCyt rapid sampler for plate based, medium to high throughput flow cytometry assays.

Located in Molecular and Radiological Biosciences, (MRB) Room 479D, CSU-FCF Minicore

CyAn ADP analyzers