Schedule Flow Cytometry Use or Analysis Service

Schedule Assisted Usage:

Aurora Spectral Analyzer, CyAn Analyzers 1 and 2 and FACSAria-III cell sorter
Location: Main Campus, located in MRB Room 479D
Contact the Flow Core and Marcela Hanao-Tamao

BD LSR-II Analyzer
Location: Foothills Campus, BSL3 conditions
Contact Marcela

Gallios Analyzer Location: Foothills Campus
Contact the Flow Core and Marcela

Schedule Unassisted (Independent Usage) – Trained Users ONLY:

Email the Flow Core with requested dates and hours

Schedule a full service analysis

Email the Flow Core and include details of your experimental goals

Schedule a Sort


Contact Ellie Brooks to schedule a sort with an available trained operator

Schedule Training

Please contact the  Flow Core to determine the most appropriate instrument to train on to best meet your scientific needs