Rates and Fees

Investigators should anticipate a 3% annual increase in rates for rodent species and a 10% increase for non-rodent species when developing budgets for proposals.

FY20 Per Diem Rates
*Bat caged $5.21
Bat room <200 $75.35
Bat room >200 $263.00
Calves bottle fed $147.94
**Cats (gang) $8.61
Cats (caged) $9.75
*Chickens (gang per cube) $42.82
*Chicks (barrier) $25.96
Crow/Bird (non-poultry) $1.00
Deer/Sheep barrier $15.10
**Dogs (Beagle- elevated runs) $9.95
**Dogs (Hound- elevated runs) $14.05
Goats/Sheep $3.00
Goat/SheepA $7.28
Ground Squirrel $2.10
Guinea pigs $3.26
*Hamsters $2.27
Hamster (barrier) $3.50
Marmot/Woodchuck $5.14
*Mice 14 day $0.97
*Mice 14 day barrier $2.39
*Mice 7 day $1.29
*Mice 7 day barrier $2.51
Muntjac $12.16
Pigs (teaching) $10.72
Pigs (research) $19.87
Rabbits $5.61
*Rats $2.15
*Snakes $17.11

*Indicates animals billed by cage/cube/tub/room plus one time charge of a FDR upon delivery. All others billed per animal plus FDR.
**We recommend budgeting at least one month of per diem charges beyond the study end point while arrangements are being made to adopt animals out.

Starting July 1, 2018, mice housed in Quarantine will be charged the 14 day mouse rate + applicable tech time, supplies, serologies and tests.

First day rates (in addition to per diem)
First Day Rate (FDR)- Large Animals/ Non-Rodents – $4.22 per animal
*First Day Rate (FDR)- Rodents – $2.96 per cage

FY20 Service Rates 
Animal Ordering Fee$42/order
University Holding Protocol Fee$63/instance
Animal and Supply Delivery Service +$46/hour
Animal and Supply Delivery Service (after hours & holidays) +$69/hour
Breeding Services Labor$40/hour
Technical Service Labor++$44/hour
Technical Service Labor++ after hours & holidays$65/hour
Veterinary Services Labor+$113/hour
Shipping Animals++$83/box/unit/day
Anesthesia Machine Rental fee$38/day
Surgery Room$70/day
Surgery Room w/Anesthesia$110/day
Cat Spay/Neuter$200/cat, or $150/cat for 3 or more

+Plus supplies and applicable mileage rates. Supplies are rebilled at cost + 10% admin processing fee

++Plus Tech time, applicable shipping and permit costs.