Hands-on / Classroom Training

Individual Training

Individual and small group training is available on request.  Contact the Training Coordinator to discuss your training needs.


Basic Research Techniques with Mice

This workshop is offered every month.  It is designed to provide an introduction to a variety of procedures for those who are new to rodent research, and an opportunity for all researchers to practice and refine their skills.  Each segment will include a demonstration and detailed explanation of the procedures, followed by hands on practice.  Topics will include: handling, restraint, sex determination, animal identification, injections, blood collection, oral gavage and euthanasia.

Basic Research Techniques with other species (Guinea Pigs, Rats, Hamsters, etc.)  

Training with other species will be offered by request only. Contact the Training Coordinator to schedule.

Rodent Anesthesia Workshop 

This workshop is offered once every 3-4 months.  It includes classroom and hands-on instruction about common rodent anesthetics, dose calculations, anesthesia machines, induction, monitoring anesthesia and recovery.

Rodent Necropsy Workshop 

This workshop is offered every 3-4 months.  It is instructed by the LAR Veterinary Residents.  It includes necropsy of mice and other small rodents upon request.

Rodent Surgery Basics  

This workshop is offered every 3-4 months, and upon request.  It covers surgical room, instrument, animal, and surgeon prep; sterile/aseptic technique; suturing; and post-operative care.  There is an on-line prerequisite demonstrating the requirements for rodent surgery- click on Online Rodent Surgery Basics and sign in with your CSU eID when prompted.

BSL-3 Mouse Class

This class is now available on-line.  Go to Online BSL-3 Mouse Class and sign in with your CSU eID when prompted.