Researcher Orientation SOPs

Hello Researchers,

Welcome to Laboratory Animal Resources and the Painter Center for Laboratory Animal Care.  We’ve identified this group of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as being the most broadly applicable, general interest SOPs in our SOP Book.  All, or at least most of them, will have a direct effect on your activities here at the Painter Center and several satellite facilities located elsewhere on the Main, South and Foothills Campuses.  These documents are geared toward the daily duties of LAR staff members, so some aspects may not be applicable to the work you will do, but being aware of how LAR monitors and cares for the animals will enable you to work within the vivarium spaces as correctly as possible.

We appreciate your willingness to read through them.  We understand that it is a somewhat tedious and annoying task (imagine how much fun it is for those of us who routinely write and review them).  You can expect your tour guide to highlight several of them during the course of your Painter Center tour and any applicable satellite tour(s) that may follow.  If your animals are not housed in a BSL-3 space, you may skip the “RO ABSL 3 Procedures” group below. 

Going forward, please feel free to revisit these SOPs at any time and, ultimately, to explore the remainder of the LAR SOP Book to find additional SOPs that address specific processes and animal species that are of interest to you.

Thank you,

The Lab Animal Resources Staff