DSRI Steering Committee

Diana WallDirector, School of Global Environmental Sustainability,University Distinguished Professor, National Academy of Sciences
Tracey GoldsteinDirector, One Health Institute
Nicole EhrhartCVMBS, Director of the Columbine Health SystemsCenter for Healthy Aging
Greg Ebel CVMBS, Director, Arthropod-borne and Infectious Diseases Laboratory
Nathaniel BlanchardComputer Science, CNS Data Science hire
Chuck AndersonComputer Science
Elizabeth BarnesAtmospheric Science
Emily KingMathematics, CNS Data Science hire
Andee KaplanStatistics, CNS Data Science hire
Molly GutillaCSU Public Health
Jude BayhamAgricultural and Resource Economics
Jay HamSoil and Crop Sciences
Jonathan ZhangDepartment of Marketing