CCTSI Funding Opportunities

Each year, the CCTSI awards more than $3 million in pilot grants, microgrants, and pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research scholar awards. You can find more information on each grant and how to apply below.

CCTSI Pilot Grant Program Overview, recorded June 10, 2021

Translational Pilot Awards

The CCTSI Colorado Pilot Program (CO-Pilot) supports one-year awards to encourage cross-disciplinary and collaborative research in clinical and translational medicine, with awards in three categories: Mentored ($30K), Junior ($30K), and CSU/CU Collaborations ($60K each). Funding priority is given to any basic, pre-clinical or clinical research with promise to improve human health. Basic research at the cellular and molecular level, pre-clinical research in animal models, clinical research in humans, and outcomes or health services research are all eligible if the ultimate goal is to improve human health. Learn more about the Colorado Pilot Program.

LOI Due: September 08, 2020
Application Due: October 01, 2020
Selection Notice: January 2021

Provides one-year pilot awards to encourage cross-disciplinary and collaborative research focused on children of all ages as well as pregnant women and mothers of newborn and young infants that will ultimately improve child and maternal health, with awards in two categories: Mentored and Junior ($30K each). These awards are designed to promote research in children of all ages; promote investigation of mother-child pair and prevention-oriented, life-course outcomes research; promote innovative research teams, particularly including trainees, capable of interacting across disciplines, schools, institutions; and support investigators in child and maternal-child studies. Learn more about the Child and Maternal Health Pilot Grants.

LOI Due: September 08, 2020
Application Due: October 01, 2020
Selection Notice: January 2021

Supports community-academic partnerships to perform pilot studies that will strengthen relationships and produce preliminary data for future competitive grant applications. There are two types of awards: Partnership Development ($8K each) and Joint Pilot Projects ($20K each). Partnership Development projects are open to new or potential community-academic partners who are interested in a project dedicated to relationship building, exploration of shared areas of interest, and the development of a research project focused on T3/T4 Translational Research, which includes research evaluating the translation of evidence-based interventions or practices into real world, clinical and community settings. Joint Pilot projects support established community-academic partnerships that plan to conduct well-defined joint research projects that produce preliminary data for future competitive grant applications. Learn more about the Community Engagement Pilot Grants.

LOI Due: November 2020

Application Due: December 2020

Selection Notice: March 2021

Award Dates: 5/1/2021-4/30/2022

The TM-Pilot Program (formerly known as Novel Method Development) supports the development of novel methods and innovative technologies for clinical and translational research. This includes the development of new assays, methods or technologies which are not currently available to the CU Anschutz campus and CCTSI affiliated institutions. TM-Pilot awards are available in three categories: Translational Methods Pilot Awards, Biostatistics/Bioinformatics TM-Pilot and Colorado State University TM Pilot ($20K each). Learn more about the TM Pilot Grants.

LOI Due: December 2020

Application Due: January 2020

Selection Notice: April 2021

Award Dates: 5/1/2021-4/30/2022

Provides one-year postdoctoral fellowships for post-residency veterinary trainees at CSU that are interested in developing and pursuing clinical and translational team-oriented research. The program is designed to provide integration between current training with the development of clinical and translational team-oriented research through coursework, workshops, immersion with a translational mentor, mentorship and research. Candidates will be co-mentored by faculty with basic science and clinical/translational research experience. Fellowships are Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSA) and provide stipend, tuition, travel and funds for training related expenses.

Provides up to three years of funding for clinical translational research and career development to train awardees to obtain individual funding. These fellowships are designed to support instructors or Assistant Professors without NIH individual mentored career awards (NIH K series), federally funded research projects (NIH R series), or equivalents. Fellowships provide 75% salary (requiring a 25K department match), and 13K in funding to cover research support, coursework and travel. RFAs are issued approximately every 3 years.

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