Student Research

Syperhydrophobic titania

Student: Roberta Maia Sabino

Picture Content: Superhydrophobic titania nanotube with droplets of water, blood plasma, and whole blood. As you can see, the droplets do not spread on the nanotube’s surface, which shows its superhydrophobicity (surface repels water/blood). This material is for blood-contacting medical devices that prevents blood from clotting.

bulk mechanical properties

Student: Alex Preston

Picture Content: This picture is of stainless steel powder being sintered at heating rates within a graphite die. My research focuses on controlling the microstructure of materials and how these structures, such as porosity and grain size on the nano and micro scale, influence bulk mechanical properties.

mayenite collage

Student: Brody DeBoer

I am currently working on the diffusion of cations into Mayenite electride. This diffusion study will lead into the doping of Mayenite electride to increase its material properties.