Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Human Subjects Application Submission Deadlines For Calendar Year 2020

Applications that meet the exempt or expedite criteria may be submitted at any time (please see the list of exempt & expedite criteria here).

The deadlines listed below apply only to protocol actions that must be reviewed by full committee at a convened meeting, including:

  • New applications that do not qualify for exempt or expedite review due to the risk level, population, or study design.
  • Continuing renewals for protocols that do not qualify for exempt or expedite review
  • Amendments to protocols that have continued review by the full board
  • Amendments to protocols that include an increased risk to the participants
  • Reportable incidents

Please use eProtocol to submit all applications for review.

Applications are due by 5:00pm on the 1st Thursday of each month (dates below). Submit the application via eProtocol.

MonthProtocol Submission DeadlineIRB Meeting Date
January2ndSBER 21st; BMR 16th
February6thSBER 17st; BMR 20th
March5thSBER 23st; BMR 26th
April2ndSBER 20st; BMR 16th
May7thSBER 18st; BMR 21st
June4thSBER 22nd; BMR 16th
July2ndSBER 20st; BMR 16th
August6thSBER 24th; BMR 16th
September3rdSBER TBD; BMR 17th
October1stSBER TBD; BMR 15th
November5thSBER TBD; BMR 19th
December*3rdSBER TBD; BMR 17th

Following the meeting, an e-mail from eProtocol regarding the IRB’s determination will be sent to the PI (and all personnel listed on the protocol) within 10 working days. A Researcher may not initiate human participant involvement (including recruitment and/or records access) until an IRB approval number for the project is received.