Training and Tutorials

The IBC and BSO at CSU are committed to ensuring that all individuals working with biohazardous materials receive thorough and appropriate training. IBC approval requires that PIs and researchers remain up to date on all relevant trainings. The information below should serve as a guide for all researchers regarding training requirements, and a resource for IBC submission tutorials.

View all Training Requirements for New and Renewing IBC Approval

View The IBC at CSU training for an overview of the NIH Guidelines, including types of research covered, IBC purview, roles and responsibilities, and the CSU IBC approval process.

Note: If you are required to take The IBC at CSU training for your IBC approval, you must access the training through the online IBC database for your completion of the course to be recorded.

The Colorado State University Biosafety Office, under the Vice President for Research, offers a variety of online and face-to-face biosafety training courses. Annual biosafety training is required for all persons working in the BSL3 laboratories (persons working with procedures/agents requiring BSL3 laboratories AND those working with Select Agents in the BSL3 labs). To take an online course or register for a face-to-face class, go to the EHS Training website.

Not sure what training you are required to take? Check out the Lab Personnel Decision Tree! If it is still unclear, contact the Biosafety Office.