Reporting a Biosafety Concern

Emergency Situation
If you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or others, please dial 911.

Biosafety Incident

If you have been involved in a biosafety incident (spill, accident, potential exposure), please refer to your lab specific SOP for cleanup, contact the Biosafety Office, and fill out a Biosafety Incident Report Form (a Workers’ Compensation Form may also be required).

Biosafety Concern

If you suspect the misuse or unsafe use of biohazardous materials or noncompliance with an approved protocol, University policies, or local, state or federal regulations, please contact the University Biosafety Officer or IBC Chair immediately. The contact can be made by telephone, fax, in person or in writing to individuals listed below who must convey the information to the named individual for investigation. Individuals making the report do not have to identify themselves, unless they wish to do so. Colorado State University protects the rights of whistleblowers.

Rebecca Moritz, University Biosafety Officer
Office: (970) 491-8268

Dr. Chaoping Chen, IBC Chair
Office: (970) 491-0726

Christine M. Johnson, Senior IBC Coordinator
Office: (970) 491-8690

Dr. Alan Rudolph, Vice President for Research &Institutional Official
Office: (970) 491-7194

Biosafety concerns may also be reported anonymously through the CSU Compliance Reporting Hotline.