IBC Forms

Anyone wishing to work with any infectious agent (including BSL1 agents), human body fluids or tissues, or recombinant DNA at Colorado State University must submit proposed use to the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) for review and approval prior to utilizing the materials. This approval is two-staged: Agent Approval Request Form (AARF) and Project Approval Request Form (PARF).


An Agent Approval Request Form (AARF) is required for each infectious agent you plan to work with. Since it does not reference a specific project, proposal or grant it can be completed at any time (i.e. well before submission deadlines), and requests information on how you will handle and contain the specific agent. This information is required in order for the Biosafety Committee to make informed decisions and suggestions on mitigating real or potential risks in using that agent. AARFs for BSL1 agents can be reviewed by the Biosafety Officers; all other AARFs need to be reviewed by the IBC.


The Project Approval Request Form (PARF) is the form required for each submitted proposal that involves potential biosafety issues. It is indeed required for proposals that involve use of infectious agents (for which the AARF has been submitted previously or concurrently). It is also required for projects that utilize human body fluids or tissues, and for projects that involve use of recombinant DNA that is NOT exempt from review. In many cases once the agent has been approved, your PARF can be reviewed by the Biosafety Officer; since the full committee meets only every other month, this provides a faster turn around on project review for approval. However, if your project involves recombinant DNA that is NOT exempt, it must be reviewed by the full IBC at a convened meeting.


We have recently implemented a new online submission process for biosafety approval requests. At this site you will be asked to login using your CSU eID and password. The first time you log onto this site you will be prompted to register. Please fill out your personal information, including a short description of your experience working with infectious agents and/or recombinant DNA if that applies. You may also name a delegate on this page; a delegate is someone that you have authorized to create/submit biosafety forms for you. Once you have filled out the personal information page, you will see links to AARFs and PARFs.