IACUC Training, eProtocol, and OHSP

1. IACUC Training

A. For all PIs on IACUC Protocols and personnel who will be working with animals under an IACUC Protocol:
i. Online IACUC Training
ii. EHS Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP): Online Risk Assessment Form
If you will be in contact with animals on an IACUC protocol, please respond accordingly in the OHSP Online Risk Assessment Form. After you have submitted that form to OHSP, if you are due for medical surveillance, OHSP staff will send you an Animal Allergies Exposure Questionnaire. This questionnaire needs to be filled out and sent to occupational health medical staff only—NOT to OHSP or RICRO. This Animal Allergies Exposure Questionnaire is considered private medical information
iii. Attach an IACUC Training Record Form to the protocol

  1. CSU Occupational Health and Safety Program
  2. Hands-On training for animal users:
    1. Contact Barbara Petkus, LAR Training Coordinator
    2. Lab Animal Resources website
    3. Painter Center Access for New Users
  3. eProtocol Troubleshooting