PAM – Post-Approval Monitoring Program at CSU

In February 2014, the position of Coordinator for Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM), was created for the CSU Animal Care and Use Program, and in 2015 a second PAM staff member was added. The IACUC has always been responsible for the ethical treatment of animals used for research and teaching. In an effort to be more proactive about animal welfare issues that may arise, as well as avoid potential USDA inspection citations, the PAM Coordinator position was created. The PAM staff aim to review all active IACUC protocols, which may include protocol review and/or procedure observations.

Currently, there are ~650 active IACUC protocols. The protocols that use USDA-regulated species, and include procedures that fall under USDA Pain Categories D and E will be moved to the top of the queue, and reviewed first. After those protocols have been reviewed, the remaining protocols will go through a PAM review. If a researcher has several active IACUC protocols, the PAM staff will observe as many procedures and review as many protocols as possible, regardless of the species and/or pain category.

  • Overall purpose of PAM Program
  • PAM Checklist: questions for labs undergoing PAM Review

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