CRB Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Review Board

The CRB shall consist of at least 6 members, which shall include:

  • The CRB Chair
  • The CRB Coordinator/Specialist
  • One or more faculty members from CVMBS
  • A standing member of IACUC
  • The CSU VTH Hospital Director
  • The Chair of the Department of Clinical Sciences at CSU
  • The CSU Veterinary Health System (VHS) Director

The CRB and IACUC take seriously all concerns regarding the care and use of animals at the institution, regardless of who submits the concern. Concerns may be reported in a number of ways: in person, via phone call, email, or anonymously online or via phone. See the CSU IACUC Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns website for more information. Any member of the CRB or IACUC may also be contacted with concerns. The IACUC will investigate each concern in as confidential a manner as possible. Those registering complaints need not give personal information.  Patient care questions can be directed to the involved veterinary clinician.