• Institute of Cannabis Research Conference Hosted by Colorado State University-Pueblo this conference is an ideal forum for researchers from universities, representatives from government agencies, and a host of industry experts to share the most recent advancements in the rapidly expanding arena of cannabis research.
  • Journal of Cannabis Research The JCR is the official publication of the Institute of Cannabis Research to disseminate research on all aspects of cannabis to the widest possible audience through our open access publishing model.
  • Research Society on Marijuana RSMj is a network of scientists with the shared goal of promoting understanding through empirical research of the determinants, correlates, consequences, contexts, and assessment of marijuana use as well as the treatment of problematic marijuana use, including cannabis use disorder.
  • Cannabis Research FAQs released by the Council On Governmental Relations.
  • 2018 Farm Bill USDA is drafting hemp regulations for publication in the Federal Register and public comment.