Frequently Asked Questions: Marijuana Research

Yes, but such research must be performed only after obtaining  a DEA Schedule 1 registration of a controlled substance.

No, unless such transfer occurs to another Schedule 1 holder, and is otherwise permissible under state and federal rules.

Individual PIs may register with the DEA for a Schedule 1 controlled substance by following the CSU procedures established through Environmental Health Services found online at (see Chris Giglio for assistance).

According to reports from CU and other institutions, the approval process is a lengthy process, sometimes requiring six to 12 months in total. CSU researchers interested in perform marijuana research should apply as soon as possible for a schedule 1 due to this time delay in approval. Grants awarded for marijuana research will be declined if the Schedule 1 is not in place at time of award.

Yes, research or analysis on data, including economic analyses, human and animal clinical trials, and literature searches are allowable without a Schedule 1 where marijuana does not come into the possession of the researcher.

Yes, provided that all schedule 1 rules and protocols are followed for those materials handled in such lab categorized as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

No, CSU cannot accept funds from the marijuana industry.