Return to Research & Creative Activities

Colorado State University and the Office of the Vice President for Research are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with a centralized plan for gradually returning research and creative work to campus and off-site locations.

The initial phase started on May 28 to incrementally increase in-person operations to 30% building occupancy and included an approval process designed to ensure pandemic health, lab safety and health-monitoring processes are in place for on- and off-campus research and creative works.

Based on the ability to maintain compliance with regional, state, and national safety guidance, we began the second phase on July 1 to increase in-person operations to 50% building occupancy. This percentage may change. The occupancy of all rooms and spaces must be monitored for 6 feet of physical distancing. When accommodating that requirement, the vast majority of rooms and spaces will be occupied by far fewer individuals than 50 percent capacity.

In both the first and second phases of return to research operations, focus is placed on projects identified as high-priority using criteria developed by the colleges in collaboration with the OVPR. Faculty are asked to work in close partnership with departmental, college, and university leadership to develop health and safety plans to return to operations.

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Research Request

All investigators must complete a Research Request form approved by their department head, college Research Associate Dean, and the CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team. No new work can begin until the laboratory plan is approved at each level and facilities are prepared for safe occupancy. For those research groups who have approved return to research plans, changes can be submitted through the amendment process.

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  • Initiate a NEW Research Request for each project to be conducted in-person. Once initiated, complete the form and submit. If you need to save the form to complete later, use the SAVE button. 
  • To continue working on a saved form or to revise a returned form, go to the Kuali Build Home page to access the form. Do not initiate a new Research Request.

Amended Research Request

To make minor modifications to an existing, approved research request (e.g., add new staff, change location, or add/change CORE facilities) follow the guidance for an Amended Research Request. Plans for expanding projects and personnel should be developed in partnership with college Research Associate Deans.

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For questions about the Research Request form or to report errors, email:

COVID-19 Reporter

All employees returning to in-person work will be required to regularly monitor their health status using an online Employee Health Screening tool developed by the CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team. This tool provides instructions for anyone who has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and will initiate Larimer County prescribed public health interventions in the instance of a positive diagnosis.

Travel Authorization

All University travel must follow CDC guidelines and be approved by the employee’s Dean or Vice President.  Travel authorization should be included in your research request form.

COVID-19 Research Announcements & Updates

Visit COVID-19 Research Announcements & Updates for video tutorials and links to information on research-related safety guidance during COVID-19.