PPE Testing

Colorado State University will begin testing face masks to protect health care providers and their patients in Colorado after CSU was named as a primary testing site for personal protective equipment (PPE) in the current COVID-19 outbreak.

The Colorado COVID Innovation response team announced CSU’s role as the state prepares to receive a shipment of 2 million urgently needed – but not officially certified – protective masks scheduled to arrive soon from China. At the same time manufacturing companies and individuals across Colorado are rallying to produce masks and other PPE which also will not have been certified by the federal government.

The testing at CSU – slated to begin in late March will aim to verify that the uncertified masks, when properly fit on the wearer, meet or exceed federal standards (NIOSH N95) for personal protection against particulate aerosol hazards including the new coronavirus.

For questions related to CSU’s PPE testing email VPR_PPE_Testing@colostate.edu.