Sanger Sequencing

The Colorado State University Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility is pleased to announce a partnership with GENEWIZ for Sanger DNA Sequencing Services. The partnership will provide the following benefits for CSU researchers:

  • Next business day turnaround time
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Network of Convenience, including local drop boxes, courier pickup, and free sample shipping
  • Preferred pricing (>35% less than historical PMF prices!)*
  • Centralized internal billing which enables you to order services using your CSU fund number

*To request complete pricing details contact Deanna Adams.

How To Order Sanger Sequencing Service

To receive the benefits listed above, please follow these instructions when creating your account and placing your orders with GENEWIZ:

1.)  Create a GENEWIZ account at, see “Register”.

  • Enter the email address of your PI
  • Enter your lab’s shipping address

2.)  To order, please log in to your GENEWIZ account and follow these steps:

  • Choose “Create Sequencing Order”
  • Choose “Same Day”
  • Complete the form as needed – the most popular and economical service is “Premix”
  • For Payment, please enter your 7 digit Grant Number in the PO Field (Credit Card orders are processed in a different manner. Please DO NOT enter CC info in this area.)
  • Choose your nearest GENEWIZ Drop Box
  • Print out a copy of your order receipt
  • Prepare samples according to GENEWIZ Sample Submission Guidelines
  • Enclose samples and order receipt in a plastic baggie or blank envelope, and drop off in GENEWIZ Drop Box.
  • Your results will be posted to your GENEWIZ account the next business day.

GENEWIZ Drop Box Locations

  • Microbiology, PMF (hallway outside of C110)
  • MRB, Room 111A (mailroom)
  • Pathology, Room 110 (mailroom)
  • Scott Engineering, third floor elevator nook
  • Vet Teaching Hospital, Room A205 (Clinical Sciences Mailroom)
  • Research Innovation Center (Foothills campus), Room D242
  • Plant Sciences, C129 (mailroom)

Samples must be dropped off by 1:00 PM to ensure inclusion in the daily shipment.  A courier will pick up all shipments daily and deliver to FedEx.

Technical Support

For technical support related to your sequencing results please contact:

GENEWIZ DNA Sequencing Technical Support
Phone: 1- 908-222-0711, Extension 2
Hours:  6 AM – 6 PM Mountain Time

General Questions

To request additional Drop Boxes or for general questions, please contact:

Deanna Adams, Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility


Brian McFadden