Proteomics Sample Submission

Please complete and print out the sample submission form and include with shipment.  If your project will involve the analysis of human, animal, or infectious materials you must also complete and submit a Biological Sample Submission Form.

Please read! Keratin contamination can be extremely detrimental to mass spectrometry analysis of your protein. Keratin can be found in circulating lab air in the form of skin flakes and hair (i.e. dust). Therefore, when preparing your samples for submission take extra care to work in a clean area, wear gloves at all times, and keep all materials (including gel apparatus, buffers, tubes, etc.) covered and free of dust.

Avoid detergents containing PEG and Triton-x 100. We will not accept samples that have been processed with these reagents.

Cut out bands as tightly as possible to minimize excess gel material. Chop band into ~1mm² pieces and place in a clearly marked eppendorf tube. Coomassie and Sypro Ruby stained gels are best stored dehydrated or in de-staining buffer. Special care should be taken in the processing of silver stained gels. Bands should be stored dehydrated or in 1% acetic acid.

For more information please view our in-gel digestion protocol.

Samples may be submitted dry or in solution. If submitting samples dry, please indicate the estimated amount of total protein by weight. If submitting samples in solution, please indicate the solvent/buffer and the total protein concentration.

For more information please view our in-solution digestion protocol.

This applies to samples such as: intact proteins, polymers, lipids or carbohydrates. Samples may be submitted dry or in solution. If submitting a dry sample, be sure to specify solubility. The optimal solvent is water or 50% acetonitrile. MALDI-MS can tolerate low levels of salts (~10 mM) and detergents (~0.01%). Please contact us prior to sample shipment if you have concerns about your solvent matrix. Approximately 1 pmol of sample is needed for analysis. For best results, we suggest that you submit at least 5-10 µl of a 1-5 µM solution.

Samples should be shipped via Fedex to the following address:

Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility
Colorado State University
C-121 Microbiology Building
2021 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Please contact Lisa Wolfe for further information.