Coronavirus Information for CSU

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We will update you as we have more information from sponsors. In the meantime, here is our plan. What you most need to know about OSP is 1) all but one OSP staff member is able to work from home, and 2) we are all using Microsoft Teams (especially the chat function) per the University guidelines. OSP is open for business!

Expectations for Externally Sponsored Research Investigators/Staff

If you are the Principal Investigator of a grant, cooperative agreement or contract (award) and you anticipate that your award deliverables will be delayed by the pandemic, please contact your Program Officer immediately to let them know of your work plan adjustments and CC the Director of Sponsored Programs ( on the communication.  Diane will make sure that the OSP staff are aware.  Additionally, please prepare a brief explanation of the delay for your next progress report.  The explanation should outline the alternative work completed and your plan for accomplishing the original deliverables.

If you are planning to submit a proposal, OSP will continue to submit proposals while working remotely if necessary.  All new award applications should go through the usual review process including routing through KRPD.  Federal agencies are aware of the current challenges and we will share additional guidance as it becomes available.

Proposal & Award Considerations

Do you have any studies involving participants, animals, ingredients, or experiments that would be adversely affected? If so, what plans can you put in place to: 1) allow those studies or experiments to continue or 2) mitigate the effects of pausing those studies or experiments and resume them later?

  • What notice will you need to give sponsors or regulators if research is paused or delayed beyond a two-week period?
  • Do you have standing purchasing orders that would need to be modified?
  • Are there human resources issues that would need to be addressed?
  • Would there be an impact on your collection, analysis, or storage of data?
  • Do you have regulatory approvals in place that might expire during a potential interruption to normal operations? Can these approvals be renewed early?
  • Do you have collaborators who will need to be notified of any interruptions to normal operations?
  • Will any reports be due to sponsors during a potential interruption to normal operations?
  • Would the interruption to normal operations warrant a no-cost extension for any of your sponsored projects?
  • What costs would be incurred in implementing various mitigation plans?

OSP Staffing

In the case of wide-spread illness, OSP has a plan for backing up each position as much as possible. Please be aware that ALL OSP staff members are on Microsoft Teams using the chat function and that is the best way to reach people. View OSP Staffing Information.

For OSP Pre-award Teams, in general:

  • The Senior Research Administrator for each team backs up the Research Administrators assigned to them and other Research Administrators pitch in
  • The Senior Research Administrators are backed up by Diana Ehrlich
  • Research Administrators can help out on multiple teams, but there is some expertise we rely on:
    • Julie Harvey is backed up by Jenny Harding
    • Linda Loing is backed up by Julie Harvey and Jenny Harding
    • Sheila Arnold is backed up by Julie Harvey and Lauren Lucio
    • Lauren Lucio is backed up by Jenny Harding and Sheila Arnold
    • Jenny Harding is backed up by Tracey Trujillo and Lauren Lucio

For the OSP Subaward Team:

  • Kris Miller is backed up by Dave Schmidt and Chris Carsten
  • Steve Crawford is backed up by Liz Grinstead

For the OSP Administrative Assistants Team:

  • Dwayne Watson and Andy Reynolds back each other up

For the OSP eRA Team:

Chris Carsten and Andy Reynolds back each other up; Dwayne Watson assists

For the OSP Post-award Team, in general:

  • The Accounting Technician IIs can cover for each other’s invoicing and all have training on new starts
  • The Accounting Technician IV and IIIs can cover for each other in many aspects of their role (new accounts/starts, mods, PPDAs, invoicing, etc.)
  • The Financial Research Accountant is backed up by the Financial Research Accountant Managers
  • The Financial Research Accountant Managers are backed up by each other, along with support from Ashley Stahle and David Schmidt
  • The Post-award Team can help out in many areas, but there is some expertise we rely on:
    • DOD (Richard Batman) is backed up by Jen Callahan and Kelly Belden
    • DOE (Richard Batman) is backed up by Damion Dyson
    • Damion Dyson is backed up by Bernadette Basaraba and Richard Batman
    • Bernadette Basaraba is backed up by Damion Dyson and Richard Batman
    • Kelly Belden is backed up by Richard Batman and Damion Dyson
    • Meg Skyre and Kari Sharp back each other
    • Nan McRoberts, Jen Callahan, and Tabitha Allen back each other
    • ecrt operations (Ben Egolf) is backed up by Chris Carsten and David Schmidt

Some banking functions will be limited. ACH and wire identification and allocation can continue. However, if physical presence on campus is restricted, access to deposit checks with the Cashier’s Office will be disrupted.

Campus Help/Information

The following campus research administrators have graciously offered to serve as back-ups for departments, colleges, or units that have staffing difficulties because of illness:

WhoAvailableEmailUsing TeamsOffice phoneSpecial Expertise
Shannon IreyStarting March 23shannon.irey@colostate.eduyes1-3396Pre and Post Award, NSF, NASA, DOE, ONR, NPS, and NOAA – No NIH
Samantha ReynoldsImmediatelysamantha.reynolds@colostate.eduyes1-8680Pre and Post Award, NASA, NSF, ONR, DoE, NOAA, Travel/purchasing
Terri FrankImmediatelyterri.frank@colostate.eduyes1-2071NIH, NSF, DoE, Foundations
Amanda DenstedtImmediatelyamanda.denstedt@colostate.eduyes1-5341NSF
Cathy SmithImmediatelycathy.smith@colostate.eduyes1-5914Pre and Post Award
Lance NobleImmediatelylance.noble@colostate.eduno1-8442Post Award, Budgeting
Stephanie OurenImmediatelystephanie.ouren@colostate.eduyes1-6070NIH, USDA, Foundations