Dear Principal Investigators and Scientists,

The Central Instrument Facility has received approval to begin our Phase 1A opening and re-start research service operations on or about June 1, 2020.  All labs will have capacity limitations in place that reflect operational realities during this first phased opening in the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During Phase 1A, there will be no or only limited self-service operations available with full and assisted service instead. Please contact us for further information

Please circulate to your lab science staff.

The following PHASE 1A conditions will apply in all for all access:

  • We estimate that we will be able to handle about 30% of our normal capacity, lab and instrument dependent, because CV-19 Pandemic allowances AND
  • During Phase 1A, the CIF will operate in full-service mode only, meaning samples will be analyzed and data reported by CIF staff. Exceptions to this mode of operation may apply due to complexity of analysis, where feasible and appropriate. Contact the Director for more information.
  • Self-service rates will be honored where they would normally apply despite full service operation.
  • Investigators must follow CV-19 Safe procedures documented elsewhere, and below, at all times.
  • Instruments in the CIF Basement Lab and Yates Imaging Lab ONLY will be open, CHEM1 Building-0150.CRB-147 room 109 remains closed. We expect additional labs / capacity to open during Phase 1B (soon).
  • We will have remote access available on many instrument PCs to allow trained users to setup and monitor experiments remotely after sample submission by staff where that is beneficial.
  • Users will have to request analyses through the CIF ilab ‘Request Service’. Forms will be available in the service request to provide detailed information on samples, prep and analyses. 
  • Sample drop-off and pick-up stations will be located outside every CIF lab.
  • You may gain access to Staff by appointment.  Please follow signage on access doors about proper PPE and social distancing.
  • Please join the CIF “Slack” channels to stay informed about general CIF lab updates or instrument specific updates. Communications around sample drop offs can also be done using this tool.
  • Calendars are not accessible during Phase 1A
  • NMR Users – the use of iLab for services is a change from your normal approach to NMR analysis.

Documentation & Quick Links:

ARC/CIF Safety plan

ARC/CIF Slack Communication

Employee Health Screening Form

Research Request Form

OVPR Covid-19 Resources

OVPR Return to Research Information

Please be patient with us during this challenging time. Services may take longer than normal as we ramp up.  We are excited and driven to provide the same level of service to you, and committed to the safety of our staff and users as a primary concern.

Christopher D. Rithner, Ph.D.
Director, Central Instrumentation Facility
Interim Director, Analytical Resources Core
Senior Research Scientist / Scholar
Research Associate Professor

Chemistry Department
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO   80523-1872

(970) 491-6475 (ph)
(970) 391-9971 (mobile)