iLab Accounting Feature Required by March 1

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Dear CIF Investigators, PIs and Account Managers:

Starting March 1, the CIF will require that ALL requests for access to the CIF through iLab will require a default Account Number for the requested transaction. There are four different types of transaction requests that are affected: Training Requests, Service Requests, Calendar Appointments and Kiosk instrument usage timing.

Principal Investigators and their Lab Managers should ensure that each user / investigator has at least one default Account Number assigned.
Fiscal Officers may also help with these assignments where that is desirable and appropriate.

==> How do I do this ? See the ————— section below. View this PDF for additional details about accounts.

Please be sure that accounts assignments are made in a timely way by March 1 so that there is no interruption in user access.

==> why is this a requirement? iLab is linked with our KFS and ensures the account numbers are valid. Once the assignments are made then the linkage ensures / improves accuracy in our end of month reporting and account reconciliation. PIs may still make reassignments each month where that is appropriate.

If you have questions then please bring to Karolien or me.

Thank you.

Chris Rithner

How to assign account numbers to members of your group in iLab:

Log into your iLab account through the CIF iLab Portal:
Click on the top left menu icon and select ‘My Groups’
Click on your research group (some PIs have multiple groups, e.g. if they have a class that utilizes the CIF)
From the top right list of tabs, select the ‘Membership Requests & Account Names’
Your group members are listed here with check boxes under all your active 53-accounts (which you are the PI on). Please check those boxes that apply.
For other non-sponsored accounts (e.g. 13-, 16-, 64-,…), which do not get automatically uploaded into iLab, you will need to request access by clicking on the “Request Access to additional Account Names” underneath the list of members. Once approved, you will be able to assign this account to your group members.

Please contact for iLab specific questions. For questions related to your accounts, please contact


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