LAR Vivarium Access for New Users

Welcome to Painter Center, home of Laboratory Animal Resources.

If you are an animal user needing access to LAR managed areas, you will need to complete the following steps.  Please feel free to contact Michelle Adams at (970) 491-8507 to set up a time for the Orientation Tour, or you may email Michelle

Read the Researcher Orientation SOPs and then click on the Certification Quiz link at the bottom of that page.  This will send an automatic email to LAR Administrators so that they know you have completed this requirement.

Fill out the Key Card Access Request Form, print it, and have your Principle Investigator sign it.  You will bring this with you when you come to Painter for the Orientation Tour.

Please contact Sheryl Carter at (970) 491-6571 or (970) 566-2426 if you are having access issues.

Additionally, you will need to enroll in the CSU Occupational Health and Safety Program:  Log in to the EHS site here, then click on the “Risk Assessment Form” button.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to providing excellent services to support your animal work!

LAR Team