Census and Help Policies

1. Procedure for verifying and checking LAR animal census

Purpose: Provide a method to ensure accurate census within the eAnimal Ordering system for all animals under the care of CSU and ensure accurate per diem charges.

Go to csu.keyusa.net and Login with EID and password. On the top right use the menu option eAnimal Ordering-> Investigator -> Reports. Note: do not navigate through “eProtocol”. It is a separate module and will not provide any meaningful information for a labs census.

Click on the report “Cage Room Census”. For a full census encompassing all protocols click the “” next to the “From Date” and choose today’s date. The window will go away; click “OK”. A window will pop up with all of the current animals on census. Note, if any animals were removed from census on the on the same day as the report was run, the cage card number will appear on this report, however there will be a date in the “Check Out Date” field.

2. LAR cage card termination policy

Purpose: To provide a specific guideline and standard for the efficient and accurate communication LAR the termination of cage cards.

Option one: For non-barrier cage cards after the termination of the cage, clearly write on the cage card the date of termination and return the LAR cage card to the front desk of the Painter Center or the Supervisors office at the Foothills campus (for Foothills cards only).

Option two: When cage cards are in a barrier and areas where physically turning in cards is inconvenient, send an email with the cage cards to be terminated scanned and attached to LAR_Animal_Census@mail.colostate.edu. Emails without scanned cage cards will not be terminated to ensure census accuracy and to prevent input errors.

Option Three: A request for LAR personnel to terminate cages may be requested via work order. Please see “Lab Cage Termination Policy via LAR Personnel” for specific details.


Cage cards that are turned in without a termination date will be stopped on the day that they are received.

Census for cage cards that were terminated in a closed billing period can only be stopped back to the beginning of the current billing period.

Credit cannot be issued for cage cards were not turned in before a billing cycle closed. Labs are responsible for verifying their census before billing closes every month.

Cage cards will be terminated on census within two business days of turning in.

Physical cage cards will be retained in Painter for six months and at the Foothills for three months.

3. Cage termination policy via LAR personnel

Purpose: to protect Lab resources from miscommunication or being mislabeled and valuable information lost by terminating the correct cages in a uniform manner.

In order to request that LAR Staff terminate cages, two things must occur.

First, a work order on the LAR website must be submitted with the required cage card numbers to be terminated and the room that they are located in. If special instructions are required (i.e. SAC only weanlings; save carcasses) they must be included within the “Services/Supplies Requested” section.

Second, the cages that are to be sacrificed must have “SAC” or “TERM” written on the LAR cage card. Temporary cage cards or lab self-made cards are not accepted. If the cage does not yet have a LAR issued cage card, a Cage Card request must be submitted before the cage can be terminated. This is in accordance with AAALAC and CSU IACUC regulations and policy.

Both of those steps must be completed before any cages are terminated by LAR personnel.

If any cage card numbers in either the work order or the physical card with “SAC” written on it do not match, the cage will not be euthanized. If there is a discontinuity between the physical cards and the work order, it will be noted in the notes section of the work order, the requestor will be notified and further instructions will be requested. Please note that cages without any issues will be terminated as soon as able.

Once the appropriate cages are terminated by LAR (typically, but not always, cages are euthanized on Tuesdays and Fridays) the per diems and cage card census will be stopped by LAR in accordance with Business Office Policy and retained for six months.

The purpose of this new policy is to protect Lab resources from miscommunication or being mislabeled and valuable information lost.

4. Policy for late cage card requests and transfers

When cage card requests/ transfer requests (including those that are for expired protocols that need to go to the holding protocol or a new research protocol) LAR staff incur a significant amount of additional time required to process the request.

Therefore, LAR must create a recharge for tech time in the amount of time that is required to have the process sorted out.

In addition to this, in the event that animals must be transferred to the holding protocol in the even that an expiring protocol with active animals does not have a replacement, LAR must charge for the creation of cage cards to the holding protocol (in the vein of a cage care request).