The ARC-ISS at Colorado State University uses the iLab online system to streamline instrument scheduling, training and full-service requests, and billing.

CSU users – Please be sure that you have a billing account associated with your iLab and CSU Lab PI.  This will be required to request services or book instrument time in the ISS.

ISS User Guide during Phase 2A under the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Updated Dec. 9, 2020

The ARC-ISS is now in Phase 2A of its operations as a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The complete set of ARC-ISS policies can be found here.

Some instruments are available for previously trained, experienced users to operate the instruments themselves. New user training is not available at the moment. If special circumstances exist, please contact ARC-ISS director, Dr. Jeff Field (

Regardless of service level or service provided, you must continue to wear PPE and practice social distancing in all public laboratory areas, as per CSU health guidelines. To use the ISS during Phase 2A, please follow these steps:

Please submit a service request in iLab for the instrument of interest.

An ISS staff member will contact you regarding your request. An instrument time will be discussed. The ISS staff member will operate the instrument, and the user will be remotely connected to the instrument computer during data analysis.

The user should drop off their samples prior to instrument time. For the instruments in the Chem basement (CHEM1), a drop off station exists in the main chemistry basement hallway. For the instruments in Yates 101, users may drop off their samples on the IN table directly inside the door. If you do not have key-card access to Yates 101, please coordinate with an ISS staff member to drop off your samples.

After instrument usage, the user should pick up their samples from the respective sample pick up tables (located in the vicinity of the sample drop off tables).

Please submit a service request in iLab for the instrument of interest.

An ISS staff member will contact you regarding your request. An instrument time will be discussed, and an ISS staff member will make the reservation on the instrument calendar. Reservations must allow a 30-minute buffer between the previous and subsequent instrument reservations. Instrument reservations must encompass the entire time the user will be in the laboratory (sample prep, instrument usage, shut down, disinfecting surfaces). Users may not enter the laboratory outside of their reserved times to carry out sample preparation unless they have communicated and planned this with ISS staff members.

Take the relevant ISS access quiz (CHEM1 or Yates 101) and communicate that you have completed the quiz to Dr. Rebecca Miller (

Join the ARC slack, if you haven’t already. For more information, see the ARC-ISS Slack User Guide.

Upon entering the laboratory, message the appropriate slack channel (#mma-chem1-general or #iss-yates101) to announce your entering.

Complete instrument usage and record your instrument time using the iLabs KIOSK. Please follow safety policies about using PPE, social distancing, and adhering to maximum lab occupancies.

Please limit your time in the lab to the essential instrument operations. RemotePC access will be available on most instrument PCs to perform data processing remotely.

Disinfect all surfaces using the paper towels and disinfectant spray.

Message the appropriate slack channel once more to announce your exiting the laboratory.

iLab Resources:

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Feel free to contact us at the ISS. Additionally, more detailed instructions are available on the iLabs Help site. For any questions that are not addressed on the help site you can also click on the “HELP” link in the upper right hand corner to submit a help ticket or send an e-mail directly to