The Anschutz Graduate Fellowship Program

A world safe from disease outbreaks, communities strong against upsets, and young people equipped to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. These changes would be a world of difference and they are a world within reach because of the partnership between The Anschutz Foundation and Colorado State University.

The Anschutz Graduate Fellowship Program is an integral piece of this partnership. With the Foundation’s generous support, Fellows advance its mission to improve the quality of lives around the globe. The nine students in the inaugural cohort conduct research on pandemic prevention and practical countermeasures to make communities more resilient.

Meet the 2021-23 Anschutz Graduate Fellows


“This fellowship has given me the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines while offering personal development trainings to help build and navigate those networks. I also learned to deeply reflect on sensitive and ethical approaches in sustaining community-based relationships for impactful research. This program has been a wonderful gift and I will always be thankful for the opportunity.”

– Joy Enyinnaya, Anschutz Fellow 2022-2024

“It’s a rare and valuable opportunity to be surrounded by highly driven, creative, and kind peers that encourage and inspire me. The friendships and collaborations that spurred from the Anschutz Fellowship are priceless to me. This program elicited research opportunities and professional development events that I would not have experienced without this fellowship.”

– Shelby Cagle, Anschutz Fellow 2022-2024