MIP NGS Illumina Core

The department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology (MIP) operates a self-service facility that houses Illumina MiSeq and NextSeq next generation sequencers. The facility also provides an open access library preparation laboratory and other instruments required for sample processing, library prep, and library quantification and QC.

Our primary mission is to enable genomics research at CSU by providing access to these instruments and ensuring their smooth operation. Our staff offers support and training in the use of these instruments, which are available for use for a small fee to cover the expense of service contracts and operation.  We also offer several services, including:

  • Training in the operation of the MiSeq and NextSeq instruments.  This is a good option if you will be performing a number of runs and wish to minimize costs.
  • We can also run your library for you.
  • We can perform pre-run library QC (qPCR-based library quantification and tapestation analysis)
  • We offer certain consumables useful for library prep and NGS.

Please see our pricing page or contact us for more info.

Instruments Housed in the MIP NGS Facility


Instruments for Sample Processing and Library Preparation, Quantification, and QC

Our open-access dedicated NGS laboratory also includes standard equipment such as vortexes, centrifuges, and pipettes.

Note that users must supply their own laboratory consumables and reagents, though we have certain consumables and reagents available for purchase (please inquire).


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