drone view of CSU campus

Flying a Drone at CSU

Flying a UAV/drone on CSU property presents a set of concerns and risks which must be mitigated before flight.   The CSU Campus is a very populated place and compliance with FAA Part 107 rules is nearly impossible without a detailed flight plan and ground crew assisting with the flight. Some of the major concerns arise from flight over people, to privacy concerns near student housing.

Anyone wishing to operate a UAV/drone on CSU property or for CSU sponsored activities on or off campus, is required to obtain approval from the Office of Risk Management & Insurance prior to operation. In order to receive permission to operate a UAV/drone you will need to provide the following to CSU Risk Management and Insurance:

  • FAA certified Part 107 sUAS Pilot
  • Appropriate liability insurance
  • Aircraft registration with the FAA
  • Drone Approval Request

CSU only allows UAV/drone flight on CSU Property for the purpose of CSU related activities or business. Recreational or hobbyist use of UAS/drones or model aircraft on or over University property, not for a University-sponsored academic, research or business purpose is not permitted.

The CSU Drone Center maintains a fleet of CSU owned/insured drones, and certified pilots. We are available as a resource to assist with UAS/drone flight at CSU. We may be able to help in providing aircraft/pilots to assist in getting permission/flight needs on CSU property. Contact the Drone Center Coordinator for more information.