2018 Create-a-thon Teams

During the 2018 RamReality Create-a-thon October 19-21 at the CSU Morgan Library, 10 teams of 50 software developers, programmers, artists and innovators engaged in collaborative development of mixed reality experiences.

Fifteen ideas were submitted by CSU faculty and staff to be created during the event and seven were chosen. Teams that chose a faculty submitted idea and placed in the competition won an additional $500 and the idea sponsor will receive a small stipend to employ the teams to continue working on the virtual projects.

First Place: VR-oom VR-oom

  • Project name: Concussion Evaluation in Virtual Reality
  • Team members: Ariana Mims, Rick Hotta, Alex Malott, Kareem Youssef
  • Project description: A series of virtual test to evaluate an athlete’s readiness to return to a sport after a concussion. The tests include a base test looking at sensory abilities, balance, and memory. 
  • Idea Sponsor: Jaclyn Stephen, Occupational Therapy 

Second Place: The Climate Changers

  • Project name: The Path We’re On
  • Team members: Brendan Kelley, Adam Gunnell, Luke Aldrona, Devon Dietemann, Mario Acosta, Katherine Moore, and Dziugas Butkus
  • Project description: The user is situated in multiple scenarios of the near future, where they will be unable to affect the environment as it changes around them. Scientific evidence of the predicted future will be displayed using UI elements. These elements explain the reasoning and potential impact of the simulated events.
  • Idea Sponsor: Michael Hamilton, political science 

Third Place: ProteVisus

  • Project name: Structure-based Drug Design in Virtual Reality
  • Team members: Erick Johnson, Nikolai Sannikor, Kyle Lagerberg, Austin DeVaulk, Michael Spilg
  • Project description: This team created an app that models protein in 3D. The user visualizes the structure of any protein found in the Protein Data Bank. This project was developed using Google cardboard so it is accessible to researchers and students alike. 
  • Idea Sponsor: Arron Shoulders, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Outstanding Technical Achievement: FBI Surveillance Van

  • Project name: KaleidoFlo
  • Team members: Jarret Flack, Drew Johnston, Mitch Rouault
  • Project description: Interactive visualization of home and IOT network traffic

Outstanding Artistry: Hello World!

  • Project name: Ophthalmology in Virtual Reality
  • Team members: Fidel Hernandez, Arelys Alvarez
  • Project description:  This Virtual Reality experience allows users to interact with different models of eyes across species. Users will have the opportunity to move through and experience the healthy eye as well as the gaining eye, and various ocular conditions such as cataracts and retinal degeneration
  • Idea Sponsor: Kathryn Wotman, Veterinary Teaching Hospital Ophthalmology

Land Grant Vision: Manipulation Hertz

  • Project name: Making Waves
  • Team members: David Im, Dominic Cutilletta, Jeffrey Tousignant, Robbie Weinel, Miguel Guerrero, Relado Howard, Miles Wood
  • Project description: This team created a virtual soundboard with an interactive sound visualizer. Visualizing and experimenting with sound waves, creating music through virtual sound manipulation.
  • Idea Sponsor: Sarah Sloane, English

Honorable Mentions

Team Name: D^2J

Project name: Perception and Adaptation Measurement

Team members: Jonathon Knee, Derek Knee, David Kupka

Project description: This project measures human adaptation rates by identifying three  classes of measurements including real world feedback, visual perception and emotional feedback.

Idea Sponsor: Jessica Witt

Team Name: 305 Da le

Project name: HazLab

Team members: Cristina Villarroel, Adam Torres, Joseph Medina

Project description: Currently health and safety education is not as engaging as it could be. HazLab is changing that by providing an augmented reality environment in which students can learn about different hazards and laboratory instruments they commonly encounter in a research lab.

Idea Sponsor: Judy Heiderscheidt

Team Name: Team Awesome

Project name: Multi-user Virtual Environment

Team members: Mathew Kress, Ciana Rogers, Jason Garcia, Fernando de Zoyas

Project description: This team created a multi-user virtual reality template. This is a foundation for unreal engine developers to create their own VR experiences for multiple users.

Team Name: VR The Champions

Project name: RNA Structure and Interaction Visualization

Team members: Evan Lavertu, Cody Coleman, Nick Czarnecki

Project description: This team created visualization and interaction with a 3D secondary RNA structure.

Idea Sponsor: Hamid Chitsaz, computer science