RamReality Hackathon
2019 Winners

First Place

Team: Memento

Project: VR Impaired (Submitted by Nicole Ehrhart)

Performing everyday tasks as an impaired individual such as crossing a street and going to the grocery store. Implementing the consequences of impairment though Virtual environment simulation

Viday Gaddy
Alex Karduna
Ali Ebrahimpour-Boroojeny
Zahra Borhani
Lucas Plabst

Second Place

Team: Poke Tubes

Project: Vectors of Death (Submitted by Brian Geiss)

From the viewpoint of a mosquito, the goal of this game is to suck the blood and viruses from a human. The more viruses you collect, the higher your score will be and the more people you will “infect”.

Max Maier
Dziugas Butkus
Aslyn Lee
Adam Gunnell

Third Place

Team: Hackers Anonymous

Project: Virtual Landscape Time Machine (Submitted by Ellen Wohl)

Animation that takes a viewer on a virtual time machine trip by illustrating changes in the landscape through time.

Evan Lavertu
Jack Fitzgerals
Cody Coleman
Nick Czrnecki

Technical Award

Team: Epic Gamers

Project: Enriched Environments for the Healthy Aging Brain (Submitted by Deana Davalos)

This team built a VR experience for older adult that allows them to travel or do things they cannot normally do.

Arysa Flores
Madeline Watts
Koby Curtiss
Caspian Siebert
Rachel Masters

Outstanding Artistry Award

Team: Waterbears

Project: Little Living (Submitted by Erika Szymanski)

In this game, the player acts as a microbe exploring its environment underwater. It interacts with other similarly constructed microbes, environmental barriers, and other organism particles, etc.

Devon Dietemann
Jay Serrano
Cesal Quiroz
Miguel Guerreno
Benjamin Schraeder

Practicality Award

Team: Realistionsvinstbeskattning

Project: Nancy Richardson Design Center (Submitted by Laura Malinin & Lea Scolere)

This team built an AR mobile application to interactively learn about the Nancy Richardson Design Center

Jarret Flack
Drew Johnston
Will Schmitz
Jeffrey Tousignant
Isaac Kouma
Dong Lee