RamReality Hackathon

During the 2019 Ram Reality Hackathon on October 18-20 at Colorado State University, teams of software developers, programmers, artists and innovators will engage in collaborative development of mixed reality experiences. Hardware and software will be provided. Winning teams will receive cash prizes.  Any student or community member can apply to participate in the Ram Reality Hackathon. To prepare for the event, participants can gain basic knowledge of mixed reality principles and skills during RamReality classes. Apply for the 48-hour Ram Reality Hackathon before October 8, 2019.


Participants arrive and choose teams of 3-5, then they begin brainstorming their immersive experience. Some teams will choose to work late into the night and others prefer to rest up in preparation for day 2.


Teams will be offered feedback and mentorship from virtual reality experts, artists, and programmers.


Continued execution leading into final demos to an esteemed panel of virtual and augmented reality experts, leaders, and innovators. Winning teams will receive fame and fortune in the form of cash prizes and a community showcase of final VR products.


Judging will be based on the following criteria: design, methodology, execution, creativity. Judges will circulate among all RamReality Hackathon teams on Sunday, Oct. 20 at 3:00 p.m. Awards will be distributed from 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. The award ceremony is open to the public. Invite your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

You and your team will create a virtual or augmented reality experience over the course of a weekend. We will supply virtual and augmented reality software and hardware, invite participants with a wide range of backgrounds, and cater food, drinks, snacks, and coffee. Your goal is to develop your best idea for a virtual or augmented reality experience during the Friday brainstorming session, and release a virtual reality prototype by Sunday evening.

The worst case scenario is that you will work with brilliant people from numerous disciplines, and world-class researchers all with the common goal of learning the capabilities of virtual and augmented technology and create a immersive experience. Walk away from the RamReality Hackathon with excellent experience, new friends, and connections to exciting industries!

Yes! We are looking to bring together teams with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of interests and skills. If you are excited about emerging virtual and augmented tech and look forward to working hard alongside your peers to build a creative prototype experience, your participation will be valuable.

Yes. While the majority will be students, we are definitely open to having some (very strong) non-student participants. Participants must be 18 and up.

The RamReality Hackathon will cater all meals, drinks, and in-between snacks for participants. Sleep is optional. Participants can bring a sleeping bag, or they can go home to rest.

Ideas promoting scholarship, research, artistry, and community connection are strongly encouraged. Your project could answer the question: “How can immersive technology transform how we learn and connect with our community at CSU?”